Letter: Climate change

June 25, 2014 

A recent letter in the Statesman insisted that we not politicize climate change; science and politics are separate entities and are to be honored as such.

Similarly, I must insist that we not theologize climate change either. Religion and science are two separate - though compatible - world views. The one dare not trump the other, since both seek to describe life and how to live it, and when viewed properly, support each other and support different aspects of human life.

Neither politics nor science nor even religion dares to be absolutized, for when they are, humans suffer. Absolutized political philosophy under Mao murdered millions. Absolutized pure science invented weapons of mass destruction. Absolutized religion killed millions.

No one has absolute truth; but we all continue to search: politicians, theologians, scientists. Scientists are not the world's only seekers.

When we stop working together, when we stop learning from each other, when we stop honoring each others' work, when we think we are totally right and others totally wrong, that's when people get hurt and even die. This is a lesson we fail to learn at the world's peril.


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