Letter: Politics

June 24, 2014 

In response to a letter written by David Proctor, May 26, I wish to respond to his contention that the liberals have accomplished so many good things that we should ignore their shameful ideology of today. At one time in the past, liberals were very different from today's model.

Unfortunately, they have now gained power which they abuse almost daily. To wit: they have elected the most inept, dishonest president in history. Under his watch, the economical state of this great country is failing with every passing day. Our country, once regarded a word power is now a laughing stock, both in military and social issues. They attack the founding fathers and the Constitution at every turn. Scandal is the order of the day and nobody is ever held accountable. Environmentalists extremists rule over the land, even ignoring the premise of private property. Gun-toting thugs in almost every federal agency, wreak havoc against law-abiding citizens. Need I continue?

One thing is absolute; it will end and we conservatives will win. By the way, you mentioned music in your letter. Maybe the liberals theme song should be "Gimme, gimme, gimme."

Next time you fill your gas tank, get on your knees and thank, yes, liberals.

jack r. kindall, Nampa

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