Letter: Cell phone danger

June 24, 2014 

Beware, warning. A cell phone maniac is herding her white pickup on Boise streets. On May 29 I was driving the speed limit east in the right lane on Franklin Rd. between Milwaukee and Curtis. In my left mirror I noticed a quickly approaching white pickup weaving down the left lane and at times both right wheels were across the lane line. I crowded right and slowed. The driver managed to get by me without bumping me, barely. She was holding a phone in her left hand, talking and even gesturing with her right hand. Wow, talk about multi-tasking. Thankfully, she was alone. I turned right on Curtis and was soon safely home.

Park it lady. Finish your phone call quickly before you create an accident. I knew she must be trying to steer with her knees as she was going much faster than me feeding fuel to the engine and using her brake often so both feet were busy. Perhaps her erratic driving was drug or alcohol related - early happy hour somewhere and she was headed home. In the middle of the afternoon? But I vote for "why are all these cards on my road" attitude.

Jim Dale, Boise

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