The votes are in: 2014 Best of Treasure Valley winners

June 20, 2014 

No matter how long you've lived in the Boise area, there's no way you're aware of every amazing aspect of this place. And even if you are familiar with many of the hardworking people and businesses honored by this year's Best of Treasure Valley, how long has it been since you've truly appreciated — make that savored — them? (I am sooo craving a turkey and avocado sub for lunch from Best Sandwich winner Cobby's.)

A quarter-century ago, the Idaho Statesman's annual people's choice awards began as Best of Boise. Eventually, the name was widened to include the rest of the Valley. But after last year's 25th anniversary edition, it seemed like yet another tweak was in order.

The Treasure Valley has grown. We needed to grow, too. So in 2014, we nearly doubled the number of categories to more than 100, expanding our focus to include more of what makes the Valley special.

Along with perennial favorites such as Best Pizza, Best Sporting Event and Best Music Venue, we've added awards ranging from Best Hotel to Best Place to Buy a Car, from Best Bartender to Best Surgeon.

Idaho Statesman readers — more than 15,000 voted — are the motor that powers this truckload of useful information. In April and May, they made nominations to help create the ballots. Then they voted on the finalists.

After tallying the votes, first, second and third place have been awarded in all categories. Some of the competitions were blowouts. Others were photo finishes. Don't believe me? A single vote separated first and second place for Best Family Doctor.

If you've spent your entire life in the Boise area, consider Best of Treasure Valley a refresher course — a way to stay current on a constantly evolving market. If you're new to the Valley, welcome to your official tour guide to paradise.

Click on the flipbook below to scroll through this year's special guide to the winners, or click here to see a list of the winners. Or watch our special video presentation, including introductions from Statesman staff members.

Best of Treasure Valley categories

Arts & Entertainment

Food & Dining

Food Favorites


Outdoors & Sports




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