Letter: Vote Democratic

June 20, 2014 

Democrat Hy Kloc offered a modest pilot program solution for pre-kindergarten kids who are not prepared for school. The Republicans ignored it and other real issues while making new problems.

Republicans punished whistleblowers of animal abuse more than the criminals they revealed. They disregarded university presidents and city police chiefs for guns on campus. They refused public hearings on Add the Words. They used scarce education revenues for tax breaks to the wealthy and well-connected businesses, with no evidence it creates jobs. Republicans sentenced Idaho's most vulnerable citizens to poverty by refusing to expand Medicaid. Republicans wasted tax dollars to kill wolves instead of cheaper nonlethal controls. They gave a double-digit raise to Otter but a miserly 1 percent permanent raise for the state employees. Republicans ignored Idaho voters by passing parts of the Luna laws that Idahoans already rejected. They tried to use our religious freedom to discriminate against nontraditional citizens. Otter's Republicans have made Idaho last place long enough.

This year vote Democratic for a positive change and respect for all citizens. We listen to the average Idahoans, not the privileged special interests. Democrats solve problems, not create them.

Ed Wardwell, Boise

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