Letter: Politics in America

June 20, 2014 

While it may be fun to play with words, saying corporations are "people" is a story; a story that is deeply anchored, now, in our collective consciousness. Mensa egos may make a "case" for this "metaphorical reality," but it's still a personification, not a mathematical identity. Combine this with our collective "act-as-if-ication" habit, and reality disappears in the media/marketing game of telephone.

Because corps know the science behind the creation of habits and the anchored idea, does that mean they know what they are doing? I don't think so. They have more money to act out and more eyeballs being "edicated" by their story. Should we continue to let corps put hacks and flacks in the seat of power so they can underfund veterans benefits, retirement accounts, use the horrors of POWs, etc., because they have more money to tell a story that makes their dream-world seem true to you and me?

Please, write your congressmen and ask them to pass the Udall amendment; get some of that money out of politics. We need men and women in Congress and the courts who can reason consciously instead of trading campaign dollars for "corporate persons" agendas.

Dottie Lower, Boise

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