Letter: Guns on campus

June 19, 2014 

So BSU wants to spend $500,000 or more to implement a security plan that includes additional campus police who are armed and trained to guard against adult students who are also armed and trained in accordance with the Idaho enhanced carry permit law? It appears that they are admitting that they do not trust the adults who attend the university and its venues, and have failed in their mission to educate responsible adults. Do they not trust these adults to act in a responsible manner and obey the new law? They are acting with the same paranoia that many of them claim possess concealed-carry permit holders.

Before they embark on this massive expenditure of taxpayer dollars, I suggest the educators educate themselves. They should contact any of the organizations that conduct the Idaho enhanced concealed carry courses. I am sure that they would let them attend and audit the classroom and legal training portions, as well as the range and safety portions of the classes. I think they will find that those attending the course are themselves educated, articulate and responsible. These are all of the same traits that we expect of our adults attending BSU.

Jeff S. Howard, Council

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