Letter: Party change

June 18, 2014 

Most people have no idea what happened at the state GOP meeting in Moscow but like to gossip. The Statesman reportage certainly didn't clarify anything.

I'm sure Robert Lyons, and many others, want the corruption and cronyism in both political parties to end. That requires that the status quo be stopped in its tracks. That happened at this meeting. Mr. Lyons didn't get a smooth and quiet status quo maintained for his $500, so he feels cheated. However, that's how creative destruction happens.

Democrats have no house to clean because they've been out of power just about since Frank Church was in knickers. Why is that? Progressives love the status quo and party sclerosis. Their own party needs the same house-cleaning in order to find real Democrats in its ranks again.

The folks trying to disrupt and break the rules were the "establishment." The "unestablishment" was there to conduct business under the rules. The attempted establishment end-arounds tried in the prior county organization meetings were not going to stand in the assembly. So the goal became disruption and dragging everything out until adjourning the meeting was the only option. However, in doing so, they shot their own toe off.


Jeff Wright, Lowman

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