Letter: Anti-government

June 18, 2014 

When Ronald Reagan said "government is the problem," I don't think he meant go shoot police. Politicians need to pick their words carefully, because there are people out there that will take it literally. When Sharon Angle talks of Second Amendment remedies or Sarah Palin says, "We'll keep our God, constitution and guns," or Ted Cruz calls it a "battle with the federal government," some idiots will take it seriously. We saw proof in Las Vegas last week.

I believe the Republican Party needs to calm some of their members down. This anti-government campaign strategy is getting out of control. We do things in this country by voting. It's called a democracy, and the next politician who brings up violence to get their way should be held accountable by party leaders.

I believe Republicans offer no solutions because solutions cost money and their campaign contributors don't want to pay for it. They'll never address health care or climate change, so they're going to continue distracting people with guns in more places, causing more tragic losses until members leave or address it.

Larry Lugar, Boise

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