Letter: Keystone Pipeline

June 17, 2014 

In response to a May 31 letter entitled Keystone Pipeline, we'd like to offer our response:

TransCanada works diligently with Native American tribes to ensure areas of cultural and historic significance are protected. Tribal monitors provide awareness, knowledge and information on the significance of the land that enhances TransCanada's understanding of the areas where we work; they are there with us every step of the way. Even though the Keystone XL Pipeline does not pass through any reservation lands or lands held in trust, we actively work and consult with engaged communities not because we are required to but because it is the right thing to do.

The U.S. State Department has found repeatedly that Keystone XL will be the safest pipeline ever built on U.S. soil and will have minimal impact on the environment and greenhouse gas emissions. TransCanada has agreed to 59 additional special safety conditions to ensure the safe operation of this critical infrastructure project.

Shawn Howard, TransCanada, Calgary

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