Letter: Obama

June 16, 2014 

Prior to moving to Idaho eight years ago I lived in another state in a heavily Republican area. Never, in 50+ years did I ever encounter the vile, paranoid, attitudes spewing from Idahoans in your letters and political ads.

Our president is a Kenyan born socialist or communist! What kind of a nut would really believe that? Obamacare will eliminate choice in healthcare and set up death panel for the elderly. How wrong has that been proven? Obama will send the black helicopters to take away your guns. So now we have guns on college campuses. That should go over well at frat parties. How about setting up rules to keep assault rifles from the mentally ill? Gays are horrible. Give me a break!

All you need to get elected in Idaho is an R behind your name. Thus we have Risch, the freeloader, and Labrador, the bomb thrower. No Medicaid expansion, thousands without no cost medical coverage because Obama proposed it. Lowest wages, poorest education. When are the people going to stop voting against their own best interests? It's insane!


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