Letter: Medicaid article

June 15, 2014 

I recently read statistics on Medicaid increases in Idaho and California and wanted to remind the reporter that wrote the article that in the last 30 years the government-supported corporations, in sending their work overseas, thus depriving millions of Americans work, while in the Obama administration, a total of 24 million illegal aliens have been given amnesty.

That is 12 million in his first term and another 12 million on the books now. The first thing they are told to do is go to the Welfare Department and sign up for food stamps, medical care and welfare. Any of their children under 21 are given all the programs.

Senior citizens of American descent had Obama cut off all their dental, hearing and optical care, just so we can support illegal aliens. We need to clean up government.

If you have difficulty accepting these facts, just look around your house and see where your television, cookware, clothes, cellphones all come from. Try calling for technical support for anything and guess who answers the phone - India, Pakistan, Philippines. Not the U.S. All your products come from China, India, Bangladesh and other foreign countries.

Lauren Lewis, Weiser

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