Letter: GOP delegates

June 15, 2014 

I'm serving my second term as the committeeman for Precinct 2004 in Meridian. Our first meeting as PCs for the county was held May 29. At this meeting, a predetermined agenda went into effect by a group looking to hijack the meeting. And that's exactly what transpired.

A new group was elected, to include a new chairman and other candidates predetermined by a certain group within your GOP party. This party then proceeded to change the delegate election process.

Rather than vote on delegates at the meeting, they presented a list of predetermined delegates chosen beforehand. This list consisted of a large percentage of the group that hijacked the meeting, state-elected politicians and GOP-affiliated lobbyists. A large percentage of your elected PCs were not contacted or allowed to represent you as delegates to the GOP convention this year.

Your Republican Party as you know it has been tainted and overrun with a large group of unethical representatives, who chose to manipulate the system. Remember this the next time you vote, that sabotage can begin at even the most local of levels, like your precinct. Vote the best representative for you, the people.

Kevin Quinn, Meridian

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