Letter: Classical music

June 15, 2014 

The people of Boise have a gem in their midst. I do not know how many people know this. I am referring to Treasure Valley Community Television, Channel 11.

When I wake up in the morning, I no longer hear someone trying to sing by gargling with the microphone down their throat.

Nor am I obliged to six 20-second spot commercials bunched together every 10 minutes.

Instead, when I turn on Channel 11, it is a full sound of music performed by orchestras containing hundreds of accomplished musicians in London, New York City, Paris, Vienna, etc.

I graduated from Washington High School in Portland 70 years ago. A Mr. Bogart taught and conducted the high school symphonic orchestra.

Under his directions we learned to play music such as Richard Straus' "Introduction to Act Three Lohengrin"; "Die Fledermaus," by Johann Strauss; "Second Hungarian Rhapsody," by Lizst; "Sophisticated Lady," by Duke Ellington; and excerpts from Dovark's "New World Symphony" and others.

Yes, you would be correct in accusing me of reliving my childhood. After all, we are products of our past. If our children of today do not experience the sound of classical music now, how can they recall it in the future? Answer! Tune into Channel 11 in the morning.

Robert E. Mitchell, Boise

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