MGM Ironman Three-Gun unleashes the inner commando

Posted by Roger Phillips on June 13, 2014 

Top three-gun shooters competing in Parma.


Shoot draws top national competitve three-gun shooters

My babbling won't do justice to the action at the MGM Ironman Three-Gun Competition on Saturday, so check out this video. And if you can't spare 5 minutes, fast forward to the end where the dude is sliding down a zip-line and shooting targets. If you ever played Army or cops and robbers as a kid, that's a fantasy come to life. 

But this isn't playtime, it's a serious competition with top national shooters, and it's exciting to watch. If you've ever considered participating in shooting events, this is one to check out. The event starts at 7 a.m. Saturday and runs until about noon. 

For directions to the Parma range, go here.

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