Letter: Gov. Butch Otter

June 13, 2014 

Otter, Otter, quit!

No feelings for helpless animals, no freedom of choice to marry someone you love. Putting guns in our colleges. Showing no respect for the majority that voted for President Barack Obama.

Could that tax money he saved be the reason schools are having so much trouble? Was that just to use as a talking point for re-election? Where is all the money coming from for all of the commercials? Oh, yeah, we now have guns on campus! The best governor Idaho ever had was a Democrat. It's nice to listen to the people and not just his rich friends.

Where is America's freedom? Forcing people to go without birth control and having children you can't take care of. I have no respect for people condemning Obamacare as a running platform. It doesn't give me the feeling you will conserve anything going in that direction again and again. Only people with a silver spoon could think this way. Idaho needs better. Please consider not making the same mistakes. It's not an R or D, it's me and you.


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