Letter: Politics

June 13, 2014 

Followers of the left cheer the forced transfer of wealth underway. At the same time they embrace the corresponding transformation of our culture and institutions as an era of enlightenment. They do not realize the paradigm of the ruler can turn on a dime.

In the 1960s the federal government infiltrated truly dangerous (leftist) groups like the Black Panthers and the Weathermen. Today, its cross hairs are on the anchor points of tradition and the tea party - not out of any legitimate national security concerns, but to discredit and crush political/cultural rivals.

Consider the targeted abuse by the IRS and NSA for starters. Where is the outrage? Accountability? An injustice to one is an injustice to all. We've lost that ethos. The emerging "new majority" will have no moral ground to stand on in protest when the iron fist of the left turns on them as history shows it will, for they remain spectators today, short-term beneficiaries to the immoral dispossession of the vilified, dwindling majority. Their sins of omission will seal their fate.

DOUG TRAUBEL, Mountain Home

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