Boise auto dealer agrees to changes, following AG probe

June 12, 2014 

Western Auto Sales agreed to refrain from harassing customers when trying to collect on overdue payments, to follow state laws regarding vehicle service contracts and to ensure that all advertising meets state and federal laws, following an investigation by the Idaho Attorney General's Office.

The office received several complaints from customers about the used car dealership at 8520 W. Fairview Ave. One claimed that a Western Auto employee threatened to arrest him and harassed his wife at her workplace when they had trouble making payments on their car and it was subject to repossession. Another customer, who is mentally impaired, claimed that a Western Auto salesperson misled him during the sale of a car. Another person claimed the company was deceptive in transferring a vehicle service contract.

The company resolved the complaints, the Attorney General's Office said.

A company manager was not immediately available Thursday morning to comment.

On its website, Western Auto Sales said it prides itself on building long-lasting relationships based on "trust, loyalty and respect."

Under the terms of an agreement to resolve the case, Western Auto is prohibited from engaging in harassing debt collection or repossession practices. The company also agreed to review its Internet advertising and make changes to ensure it complies with the law.

In addition, the company agreed to comply with the Idaho Motor Vehicle Service Contract Act when selling service contracts. It also agreed to full disclosure when offering a free service contract with the sale of a car.

Western Auto paid $950 to the Attorney General's office to cover the agency's investigative expenses and attorney's fees.

If the company fails to comply with the agreement, it could face a $15,000 fine.

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