Rabbit recovering after rescue from Kuna trash can

June 10, 2014 

Provided by the Ada County Sheriff's Office This 11 pound pet rabbit was rescued from a trash can and is now comfortably waiting for his owner -- or an adopter -- to take him home.

A neutered male rabbit found abandoned in a metal trash can next to Kuna Middle School Monday is “chilling at the Idaho Humane Society with no shortage of suitors,” according to an Ada County Sheriff’s news release Tuesday.

The 11-pound hare, possibly a Flemish Giant, is doing much better one day after his rescue by two 12-yer-old girls and a Kuna police detective.

Humane Society officials say they’ll hold on to the rabbit for a few days to see if its owner comes forward. If not, the Humane Society already has received several phone calls from people who would like to adopt the rabbit.

Kuna police have not heard from the rabbit’s owner or anyone else who can explain how the hare got left in the garbage can on a hot June day. Investigators suspect someone deliberately trapped the rabbit in the garbage can.

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