Letter: Gay marriage

June 10, 2014 

If the courts succeed in changing the definition of marriage in Idaho, fine, let's give them exactly what they demand. Change Idaho's marriage laws to be nothing more than notarized signatures on a contract unceremoniously filed at the courthouse creating a legal marriage corporation. Then, work with the religious institutions to create Sacramental Unions (vows between devout heterosexual couples, their clergy and their God). This would preserve a special place set aside from society for traditional couples while allowing legal secular equality for other forms of "family" units.

I consider it to be complete legislative malfeasance not to have solved this problem of equal rights long ago in a manner that would have preserved traditional marriage. Now it has snowballed into a behemoth fed by a national press with a decided agenda to wipe out all traditional moral values.

My solution sounds radical but is completely workable. "Marriage" becomes a governmentally recognized contract and Sacramental Unions would be religious couplings. It would set the progressives' hair on fire to have a special place set aside for devout heterosexual couples but there would be nothing they could constitutionally do about it because there would be a separation of church and state.

HERB WIENS, Sandpoint

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