Officer rescues big rabbit from hot Kuna trash can

June 9, 2014 

Provided by Ada County Sheriff's Office Kuna Police Detective Marc Bowman holds the rabbit he rescued from a metal trash can Monday afternoon. The rabbit was hot and thirsty but otherwise OK.

A large pet rabbit will likely be up for adoption soon after two alert Kuna girls discovered it trapped inside a metal garbage can near Kuna Middle School Monday afternoon, the Ada County Sheriff’s Office reports.

The 12-year-old girls heard a weird sound coming from the can, then peeked inside and saw the rabbit. They ran to the Kuna Police station, where they told Detective Marc Bowman about their discovery. Bowman immediately got the rabbit out of the can.

“The rabbit was panting really hard — that metal gets pretty hot — and as soon as he got out he went over to some shade,” Bowman said in a news release. “He drank water right out of my hand. It was definitely a pet.”

No one saw how — or knows when — the rabbit got inside the garbage can, but Bowman said he doubts the large rabbit could have climbed inside on its own.

Officials suspect someone deliberately put the rabbit in the can, then left.

Bowman brought the rabbit back to the police station and called the Idaho Humane Society, which picked it up. The rabbit appears to be OK, and the prospects are good that he’ll be adopted, according to the ACSO news release.

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