Update: BSU engineering building cleaned up after chemical spill, evacuation

June 9, 2014 

Boise State University's Micron Engineering Building is expected to be open as usual Tuesday after a small chemical spill prompted the building's evacuation Monday afternoon.

The Boise Fire Department’s Hazardous Material Team finished cleaning up the spill about 6 p.m. Monday , the department announced. The spill happened when Nitric and Acetic acids were mixed in a lab, prompting a chemical reaction that caused the acids' vessel to fail, the department said.

One student was taken to a Boise hospital for evaluation but had no visible injuries, according to a BFD news release. Initial reports indicated the student complained of a headache. When firefighters arrived she was already being decontaminated in a shower station inside the lab.

Firefighters responded to the call at 3:53 p.m. When they arrived, they found approximately one-10th of a quart of the acid mixture had spilled. As a precaution, the engineering building was evacuated. About 10 to 15 people were inside the building at the time.

Water from the shower station mixed with the acids and was standing on the floor, so firefighters neutralized the mixture then vacuumed it up to stabilize the room, the fire department reports.

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