Letter: Butch Otter

June 9, 2014 

It is important for Idaho's future that the Republican Party wins in November. A Democratic victory will bring greater growth in state government and higher taxation. The result will be slower economic growth and fewer jobs. There is a real possibility that due to Republican disunity, the Democrats may win the governor's office.

This disunity is largely the work of Gov. Butch Otter. First, he is upset that he is the only Republican governor not to name his own party chairman. How pathetic! There are larger issues involved than the governor's ego. Abraham Lincoln had to make choices in his cabinet and his appointments to lead the Union Army to keep the factions of the Republican Party and the war Democrats together to win the war. Lincoln realized that there was more at stake than his ego. He was an adult.

Otter has been conducting a witch hunt against conservatives both within the party and among the conservatives in the Legislature. Idaho and the Republican Party don't need a 72-year-old man-child as a leader.

Otter, for once in your life grow up. There is more at stake than you.

Hank Harris, Boise

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