Letter: Bike lanes

June 9, 2014 

I'm writing both in support of ACHD's implementation of buffered bicycle lanes downtown and to counter Mr. Bob Hanson's letter to the editor. He interprets the lanes as a "fanatic attempt to be recognized as a 'bicycle-friendly' city." What is so fanatical about wanting safer streets for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike? What is so fanatical about providing bicycle lanes and facilities for people willing to get out of their cars and make their communities a better place by bicycling to work and play?

Certainly, the new bicycle lanes will need some tweaking. And drivers and cyclists alike need to better understand the rules of the road. But the lanes are a stride in the right direction. Increasingly, cities around the country are realizing the economic, health and environmental benefits of promoting bicycling as a viable mode of transportation. I applaud ACHD and City Hall for their efforts in bringing Boise up to speed.

There's nothing fanatical about riding a bicycle. Indeed, it's the more traditional way to go. What's fanatical is our devotion to our cars and car-centric development. So for the good of our city, I encourage everyone to bicycle more and ride the new lanes downtown.

David Guiotto, Boise

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