Letter: Wasted tax dollars

June 9, 2014 

Apparently there is an overabundance of Idaho taxpayer dollars allowing Idaho state government to pay private law firms an estimated $10 million a year from 2006-2013 (according to the May 18 Idaho Statesman story, page A15) but for some reason there is a shortage of tax dollars to pay for Attorney General LawrenceWasden to represent Idaho state government in its multiple lawsuits.

Using our own Idaho attorney might be a significant savings for taxpayers, but that does not seem to be the priority. Privatization sounds like a good game until you look at the bottom line and who is paying the tab - the Idaho taxpayer.

I wonder how much the state might have saved if it used its own attorney and especially wonder how those savings might have helped teachers teach and public school students learn. They might have even helped defray the out-of-pocket expenses paid by teachers for classroom supplies.

I think it's time to quit using the recession as the almighty excuse for cuts to education and take a look at when, where and how Idaho state government has been wasting our tax dollars. Priorities in the Statehouse are out of whack and you have to wonder why.

Marcia Pursley, Boise

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