Letter: Israel

June 8, 2014 

While I usually appreciate the insights of Rabbi Dan Fink and I applaud support of the LGBT community in any corner of the world, his May 10 religion column on Israel was absurd. Unfortunately, it reflects the Israeli propaganda machine that taints American media when it comes to the occupation of Palestinian land. I do not agree with his statement that, "Israel has one of the best records of human rights."

There were at least 33 massacres of Palestinians, including thousands of women and children, half of them before a single Arab army joined the conflict (Masalha). Israel continues to subject Palestinians to a myriad of human rights violations; restricting movement and economic opportunity; imprisoning children, often in solitary confinement, without charge; collective punishment; home demolitions; torture; even restricting access to water. Violence is perpetuated on both sides, but the blind support of the Israeli military complex with U.S. tax dollars makes the fight one-sided and undermines U.S. interest in our own national security.

Military service is required for all Israeli citizens over 18. I find it wonderful that Israel supports the LGBT community, but to hold up this support as a testament to democracy and the valuing of human rights is ludicrous.

Dr. Lori Conlon Khan, Boise

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