Letter: Jet noise

June 8, 2014 

Remember when Boise had four movie theaters located Downtown? Think about it. The Ada, Penney, Boise and Rialto. We had two TV stations, KBOI and KIDO, which was located up in the middle of nowhere - Crestline Drive. Hyde Park had a pharmacy, fancy name for a drug store. They had an honest-to-goodness soda fountain and the best root beer around, along with a grocery store, barber shop, shoe repair.

I could go on but one of my favorite memories is a row of sleek, beautiful P-51 Mustangs located at Gowen Field and flown by the finest pilots in the world - the Idaho National Guard. Much has changed over the years, but not the Guard. We have the most sophisticated ground support aircraft available, the A-10, and flown by the most feared combat-trained pilots in the world, young men and women who without hesitation leave their homes and loved ones and go into harm's way. About that noise you constantly complain about: How about a handshake and a thank you for your service?

Bob Jordan, Meridian

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