Letter: BSU graduation

June 6, 2014 

Perennial human rights champion Marilyn Shuler was honored May 17 with a Doctor of Humane Letters Degree by BSU President Bob Kustra. Marilyn wowed the largest BSU graduation class and audience with a knockout address at the 2014 Taco Bell Arena Commencement.

The newly hooded Dr. Shuler, a polio survivor, admonished parents who deny science and refuse life-saving vaccines for their children. She pivoted to pummel her political foes, who use the power of the state to deny the human rights of citizens because of what they are and whom they love.

The crowd, stunned by the overpowering oratory, erupted with cheers and applause.

Graduate Alex Taylor Johnson, Capital High class of 2004, egressed the arena, his gown draped with red, white and blue braids of the Veteran Honor Cord. Waiting nearby was his silver-bearded chauffeur, wearing black Ray-Ban aviators under the brim of a black-and-gold Idaho Vandals cap.

Wayne de la Motte, South Fork,

Boise River

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