Letter: Bike lanes

June 6, 2014 

Regarding the bike lanes test: I believe the issue here is that in the West, we've become accustomed to auto-centric communities, so wherever we go, there should be plenty of space for our motor vehicles to transport us, and plenty of storage space for our motor vehicles wherever we stop.

That's fine until we start choking on fumes during an inversion, and get a taste of how much exhaust we crank into the air daily (while griping about the cost of gas). And that's fine until we can no longer tell one town from another because they all look the same - big roads and parking lots peppered with strip malls and subdivisions.

That system also breaks down when people, for many different reasons, can't or won't drive everywhere they go.

I personally think that our community planning and transportation infrastructure has to make it equally safe and convenient for everyone, whether they are walking, skating, biking, scooting, driving or busing.

That is a very complex task, and I commend the city and county for trying something new. I'm just disappointed that it will only be tested for a month, unless of course they have another system to try next month!

Katie Wilde, Boise

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