Letter: Laguna Pointe

June 4, 2014 

The past three years I have enjoyed running the one-mile scenic dirt nature path from Eagle Road along the river by Laguna Pointe. I understand the desire to connect a biking path to downtown from Eagle. But this is a phenomenal waste of taxpayer money when better solutions have been proposed, allowing at least a few portions of the Greenbelt for those who enjoy a nice walk without pavement (like the wonderful Garden City segment that has been preserved, thankfully).

The dispute between Laguna Pointe landowners and certain Eagle councilpersons has become a battle of prideful wills. What of the ongoing costs of maintaining a paved path where it floods and will crack every few years? What of the lack of parking and exiting to Eagle Road - a safety hazard? What a phenomenal waste to now sue the landowners when they are not prohibiting access at all, but want a natural trail preserved? What of the better, alternative solutions to pave an access connection for bikes into the proposed future park in Lakemoor? Or the existing wide, graded gravel path that wouldn't require ongoing maintenance costs from flood destruction along the north channel, where there is parking, businesses, etc.?


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