Varsity Extra Scoreboard: Tuesday, June 3

June 4, 2014 




Player of the Year: Kendal Cox, Fruitland

Rookie of the Year: Theresa Moyle, Weiser

First Team

Pitcher: Morgan Nash, Homedale. Catcher: Tori Nash, Homedale. First base: Makayla Aberasturi, Homedale. Second base: Lily Hostetler, Weiser. Shortstop: Kenzie Barrera, Payette. Third base: Destiny Long, Homedale. Outfield: Gardenia Machuca, Homedale; Elise Shenk, Homedale; Katie Davis, Weiser. Utility: Tristan Corta, Homedale.

Second Team

Pitcher: Kelsey Noble, Weiser. Catcher: Connie Godina, Parma. First base: Ariah Husfloen, Fruitland; Maren Coffman, Weiser. Second base: Lucy Stevenson, Parma. Shortstop: Kate Deal, Homedale. Third base: Jaysee Willmorth, Parma. Outfielders: Sidney King, Payette; Haylee Barton, Payette; BoDene Pinz, Parma. Utlity: CJ Davis, Weiser.

Honorable Mention

Pitcher: Cassidy Hurd, Parma; Tiffany Weimar, Payette. Catcher: Dusti Futter, Fruitland. First base: Nikole Ineck, Parma; Sophie McGrath, Payette. Second base: Morgan Erskine, Fruitland. Shortstop: Cassie Galemore, Fruitland; Emily Hensley, Parma. Third base: Hannah Rose, Payette. Outfielders: Emily Gluch, Weiser; Hailey Johnson, Fruitland; Grace Kelso, Fruitland; Alex Rowley, Weiser. Utility: Madi Blackwell, Fruitland.

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