BSU, ISU presidents get raises

June 3, 2014 

Boise State University and Idaho State University presidents will each get 5 percent raises, the Lewiston Tribune reports

Bob Kustra, Boise State's president, will get $371,104, up $17,672 from his current salary.

ISU president Arthur Vailas will get $357,029. up $17,001 from his present salary.

The board also approved a three percent pay increase for Lewis-Clark State College President J. Anthony Fernandez. His salary will increase to $176,011 from $170,884. Board members say they my revisit Fernandez' salary after conducting a market review to make sure it is competitive with other institutions.

The board is also expected to approve three-year contracts for each of the presidents at its  June meeting.

Chuck Staben, University of Idaho president, was not included in the raises because he is just beginning his first year as president. His salary is $350,000.

Board members approved the salary increases earlier this week following performance evaluations for each of the presidents in May.




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