Kuna trustee opponents say they'll file recall petition Tuesday

broberts@idahostatesman.comMay 19, 2014 

Opponents of Michael Law, the Kuna School Board trustee who opposed a two year, $6.38 million levy in March, say they will file a petition for his recall on Tuesday, which is election Day.

If the signatures are verified, a recall election could be held on Aug. 26.

Terri Reno, a Kuna grandmother with two grandchildren in district schools and five more who will likely be attending, said she waited for election day because she did not want the recall to overshadow the district’s second attempt at passing the levy Tuesday.

She also said she wanted the petition submitted before the outcome of Tuesday’s vote is tabulated, so voters wouldn’t think the levy outcome made a difference in their decision to seek the recall.

Reno has at least 45 signatures and she is waiting for three more petitions. She needs 29 signatures. Law would have five days to resign and forgo the election if the signatures are verified.

Reno and other Kuna School District residents criticized Law for opposing continuation of the levy that was meant to pay for 30 teachers and several school days after the state cut money to schools in the midst of the Great Recession. “I was one of his constituents and I didn’t feel he was representing my interest,” Reno said.

Law has said the tax — $326 on a home with a taxable value of $100,000 — is a burden in a district where 44 percent of the students come from low income homes.

He is also opposed to the levy that goes to voters on Tuesday.

He did not comment on the rending recall petition. “I think we have pretty well covered (it),” he said.

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