Letter: Gay marriage rights

May 19, 2014 

As a native Idahoan and a fellow retired Army officer, I want to add my voice in support of Col. Barry Johnson's Guest Opinion column (April 30). Like Colonel Johnson, my wife and I would gladly relinquish our slots at the Idaho Veterans Cemetery for Captain Taylor and her spouse. However, we would rather have them as our neighbors in our final resting place overlooking the Treasure Valley.

Isn't it time Idaho revisits the idea of "family?" The term "family values" is cited time and again by our politicians as a value of high standards. How about an updated definition of "family?" I suggest that Captain Taylor and her spouse considered themselves a "family" and I'd bet their neighbors did also. Isn't it time we stop this homophobic fear and give true meaning to our words?

Secondly, we want reciprocal rights with other states regarding our gun laws, why do we not respect their marriage laws? Let's bring Idaho into the 21st century.

HAROLD R. BRIZEE, Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired), Boise

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