Letter: Politics

May 19, 2014 

President Obama and other world leaders are using sanctions and diplomacy to stop Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The naysayers call Obama weak because he doesn't threaten Putin with military action. There they go, pouncing. That's what they do. They have no problem sending troops into harm's way as long as they're safe at home like Bush and Cheney were.

At least no one is enriching Halliburton and its former CEO Cheney with more phony wars.

President Obama believes negotiation is preferable to war. He's right. American soldiers shouldn't be dying in countries we've no business being in. We can't defend every country that wants to oust their evil dictator.

Mitt Romney, who ran for president twice and failed, who dismissed 47 percent of Americans and who had no concession speech on election night calls President Obama naive. Right! Class, can we say, "poor loser?"

I think Mitt's upset because Putin didn't need him to save the 2014 Olympics.

Mitt will run again. His ego won't let him lose twice and give up. Besides, he has enough money in the Cayman Islands to finance several presidential campaigns.

KEN WHITE, Twin Falls

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