Letter: Voter ID

May 19, 2014 

Voters, know the truth! If you're a registered voter, you can waltz into your polling place, sign an affidavit, and then vote. That's it. No photo ID required. Present one if you want, but it's not required. So why are poll workers in Idaho trained to be silent about your right to sign an affidavit until you are "unable to produce" a valid photo ID?

That's right, our poll workers are trained to withhold the truth from voters at the polls. This is deception. Why does it matter? Because when poll workers are trained to confuse or are themselves confused by poor training, misinformation gets loose and voters become confused. Call or write the Secretary of State's Office and tell them to train poll workers to be completely honest!

Idaho's voter ID laws have not been challenged in court because our laws give registered voters the right to sign affidavits; however, if voters are unaware, they may not go to the polls. If your poll worker does not give you both options or is slow in telling you about your right to sign an affidavit, report this, or any other confusing or intimidating behavior at the polls, to the ACLU.


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