Letter: Denney is right

May 18, 2014 

The recent letter to the editor concerning Lawerence Denney not having evidence of any misconduct because a group of county clerks and the sitting secretary of state publicly supported one of their own, Phil McGrane, missed the point completely. Denney did not say he had evidence of misconduct, but rather the county clerks in question and the secretary of state, whose job it is to oversee the election process and make sure it runs correctly, should not be publicly supporting anyone running for public office whose votes they will be counting.

What is in question is the opportunity for or impression of impropriety, not the actual act. I'm sure Mr. Ysursa would not use his position to tamper with the election results, but why would he put himself and his office in such a position? I agree with Mr. Denney that as secretary of state, Mr. Ysursa and the county clerks should not announce support of any candidate whose votes they must count. Isn't this a basic 101 civics lesson, irrespective of how much credibility Mr. Ysursa developed over the years? Come on, people, let's think this through. Mr. Denney is right. Just saying.

Van A. Howell, Boise

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