Letter: Sam Hoagland

May 18, 2014 

I write today, my first ever letter to the editor, to endorse Mr. Sam Hoagland for district judge. I have known Sam for several years. Sam is a highly respected member of the community and of the Idaho State Bar.

As an attorney who may have to appear before a judicial candidate if elected as a judge, I always look at the background and experience of a candidate. The district judges in Idaho handle a wide array of cases. A diverse legal background with experiences in all facets of litigation, including both criminal and civil litigation, is a must. Of all of the candidates for this position, I believe Sam has the broadest experiences dealing with the types of cases he will see as a district judge. (Please see, www.hoaglandforjudge.org) Additionally, I believe Sam possesses the requisite judicial temperament and sense of humor, which are key characteristics of any successful district judge.

Of all of the candidates for this position, Sam Hoagland is simply the best choice. Accordingly, I respectfully ask that you vote for Mr. Hoagland on May 20.

Eric Clark, Eagle

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