Letter: Toryanski's failures

May 18, 2014 

Once again we are treated to Mitch Toryanski's self-glorification, in which he curiously glosses over his many failings. As voters proceed to the polls, it should be remembered that Mitch stood shoulder to shoulder with Sen. John Goedde when Goedde infamously declared that the time had come to reduce the rights of teachers. Mitch was also a loud and proud supporter of the wretched Luna laws, which sought to use taxpayer money to purchase antiquated laptop computers for all public school students at the cost of nearly $3,000 each, with the real bargain being that the student, the school district nor the state would ever own these items.

Mitch was also an avid supporter of Brandi Swindell and her circuslike ultrasound performance in the halls of the Capitol building. Mitch certainly did not raise any objections to Brandi's desire to restrict the audience in this public building to only supporters. Where were Mitch's bipartisan and unbiased efforts then? Given Mitch's litany of failures, his effort to squander taxpayer dollars, his bias in favor of right-wing, extremist policies, and his obvious antipathy toward the public educators of the state, the arguments against Mitch Toryanski should be convincing. Idaho deserves better.

Adam Collins, Garden City

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