Guest Opinion: Controller's job takes leadership


May 17, 2014 

Todd Hatfield

I love Idaho, and it is a real honor to travel this state and meet such wonderful people. Idahoans are concerned for the future. They're worried about whether our state will be able to sustain itself in the 21st century, whether our kids will be able to make their home here, and whether our state can deliver the economic opportunity they desperately seek.

That's why so many people are supporting my campaign and my quest to improve their state government. I believe this starts with an efficient, effective, transparent Idaho controller's office. I believe Idaho needs people in leadership with the political courage to speak out for what's right, even when it is unpopular to do so.

As your controller, I will end the state's distinction as one of only three states, including California, that received a failing grade for government transparency. As your state controller, I will end the state's practice of buying commercial properties in competition with the private sector. As your state controller, I will put new systems in place to identify and end wasteful government spending and duplicative programs.

As the successful business owner of Hatfield Log Homes and Idaho Grain & Flour Mill, I go to great lengths to provide quality products to my clients; I would bring the same experience and unwavering commitment to quality to the taxpayers of the state, who deserve nothing but the very best.

Being the chief fiscal officer for the state means educating legislators and other elected officials as to the state's finances and financial reporting methods, so they know the cumulative effect of their actions. The state's dependency on the federal government and the true size of our state's debt are challenges that lawmakers need to confront, and the state controller should play a role in identifying those issues and challenges and finding solutions.

With the right leadership and the right vision, there is nothing we can't do to help Idaho live up to its potential.

Hatfield is a GOP candidate for Idaho controller.

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