Kuna School Levy

May 16, 2014 

Kuna School District should live within their budget. But they don’t. Instead, after the levy failed this year, the children were instructed to go home and tell their parents that unless the levy passed there would be changes like, bigger classrooms, no teacher’s aides, less textbooks, and shorter school days. After hearing this of course the parents would vote in favor of another tax levy.

Two years ago everyone voted for the levy because the board said it could get the budget under control. Now we are being asked to pass another levy. Kuna families are the highest taxed in the Treasure Valley when it comes to schools. And this is a relatively low income district as there are many families and seniors on a fixed income.

The district is getting an extra $600,000 this year and more money in the coming years. Remember levies and bonds were created for the building of new schools, not for day-to-day operations. The operating budget should be coming from the state’s general funds, not levies. As long as levies keep getting approved, the Legislature has little incentive to properly fund education. Vote: No Kuna school levy.

Ernest Stanley, Kuna

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