Jimmy Farris

May 16, 2014 

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and Council Member TJ Thomson support and endorse Jimmy Farris for the Idaho House of Representatives seat 16A.

This is a rare move for Bieter and Thomson, but it underscores the urgent need to send solid, effective Democrats to the state Legislature. Jimmy Farris is one of the rare Democrats that can make a significant difference in Idaho politics. We can’t squander this opportunity.

Jimmy holds solidly Democratic views and proved himself to be a worthy opponent to Raul Labrador in 2012. If you watched the debates, you’ll know that Jimmy stood up to Labrador and never flinched. Indeed, viewers scored a decisive victory for Farris. Jimmy understands that Idaho faces many challenges. We face a barrage of attacks on education and human rights, gender pay inequality, a difficult economic environment, health care and Medicaid kerfuffles, transportation and environmental concerns, a damaged corrections system, and the delicate balancing act of gun ownership and public safety. All of these issues, and many others, will arise in upcoming legislative sessions.

It will take a rare individual to effectively represent Idaho Democrats. Mayor Bieter and Council Member Thomson know that Jimmy Farris is their choice in the Legislature.

Sam Lee, Boise

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