Breck Seiniger

May 16, 2014 

It has been my good fortune to have known Breck Seiniger for several years. In this time he has consistently proven to be a thoughtful, caring individual, who with great tact, has offered me advice and insight. I have taken these observations seriously, which has been to my benefit.

For 35 years, Breck has passionately represented individual common citizens. He has listened to them, consoled them, and fought diligently for each of them. This is exactly the sort of character needed within this third, yet most important, branch of our government. While Judge Horton may, or may not be a reasonable individual, insolence of office appears to be a real problem. As Breck has indicated, such isolation leaves one “out of touch” with the needs of the general citizenry.

Breck has received multiple professional endorsements including: the Idaho State Bar, Outstanding Service Award; 1996, the Martindale-Hubbell, AV rating, 5 out of 5; U.S. News and World Report — Best Law Firms, 2011-2013. Considering the gravity of the position of Supreme Court Justice, I stand by my claim, that if only allowed one vote to place within all offices, of all branches, I would vote for Breck Seiniger.

Jeff W. Hills, Boise

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