Joel Horton

May 16, 2014 

I have known and admired Supreme Court Justice Joel Horton for 32 years. He lives up to the highest standards of integrity, impartiality and service. I am honored to be voting for him.

The hard work, dedication and wisdom of really good judges often goes unnoticed by the public. Yet, we are asked to vote for judges in Idaho. Countless people have asked me who I support. I am thrilled to share my admiration for Justice Horton. He has the most thorough understanding of Idaho’s legal system of any person I know. His exceptional abilities were recognized when he was selected as the top choice of his peers to serve as Magistrate Judge over 20 years ago, then as District Judge, then as an Idaho Supreme Court Justice. Justice Horton is widely respected by people of different political and social backgrounds because we all see him as one of the most thoughtful, honest and impartial people in our legal system.

Idaho is fortunate to have Justice Joel Horton on the Supreme Court. Please join me in voting for Justice Joel Horton on May 20th.

Jim Hansen, Boise

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