Lawerence Denney

May 16, 2014 

Lawerence Denney, candidate for Idaho’s Secretary of State has the outstanding qualities needed for this important position. As a fellow House member, I had the privilege of working with Rep. Denney for 12 years, watching him rise through the House ranks, as a legislator, Assistant Majority Leader, Majority Leader, and subsequently Speaker of the House. As a Committee Chairman, I had worked with Speaker Denney through some very controversial issues. When difficult situations arise, he uses sound judgment and finds solutions that are fair to all those involved.

The Idaho Land Board is the overseer of Idaho’s 2.4 million acres of endowment lands. Rep. Denney’s budgeting and natural resource experience is needed on this Board. He will be a strong voice for rural Idaho. It is his belief that the Land Board should not compete with Idaho businesses.

Nothing is more important to our way of life than the right to vote. He will work to make certain that Idahoans’ right to vote is secure and available to all those who meet the criteria set forth by our founding fathers.

Join me on May 20th in voting for Lawerence Denney, an Idahoan for Idaho people, for Idaho’s Secretary of State.

Sharon Block, Kimberly

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