Rebecca Arnold

May 16, 2014 

As former Mayor of Stanley, Idaho, I am greatly concerned about Rebecca Arnold’s campaign for District 4 Judge. In a Statesman interview, Judge Wetherell said as judge you must “keep your cool, behave rationally at all times and not be vindictive.” In my experience with Arnold, a Stanley property owner, her behavior is the opposite of Wetherell’s description. In public meetings she has acted disruptively and disrespectfully.

She works vindictively against those she feels oppose her, and I believe acted unethically in her continuous unsuccessful lawsuits against the city. There are countless examples of Arnold threatening Stanley residents and verbally attacking city representatives, myself included, which can be substantiated by the public record.

The City of Stanley website provides a detailed account of her costly legal exploits against the city. Ask any Stanley resident about the quality of character she’s shown time and again and I assure you it isn’t fitting of a judge. I have no doubt Arnold will retaliate against me for writing this, but to quote Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Please, do not elect Rebecca Arnold.

Hannah Stauts, Ketchum

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