May 16, 2014 

No objective observer could deny Idaho needs a thorough scrubbing at the statewide office level. The status quo Republicans, who’ve spent most of their adulthood in nothing but politics and elected office, have mired us in a lackluster economy and made nearly as many mistakes as the Democrats on economics and freedom. Soaring food stamp and poverty rates, low educational performance, high local and state taxes, regulation and stagnation. They are way behind the curve in understanding the changes in just the last decade. Their solutions have not worked for quite sometime. The Federal government runs roughshod over every aspect of the state economy and Lands Policy.

Nothing will change if no change is made. On election day be the change you want. Vote for: Russ Fulcher for Governor Jim Chmelik for Lt. Governor Chris Troupis for Atty. General Lawerence Denney for Sec. of State Todd Hatfield for Controller John Eynon for Supt. of Public Instruction

If you continue to vote for the same ol’, same ol.’ what would you expect but more of the same? Vote for a difference you can measure.

Jeff Wright, Lowman

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