SOS candidate Frasure elaborates on Voter Guide comments

Guest OpinionMay 16, 2014 

I was asked to answer questions for the Idaho Statesman newspaper voter guide. One question was, “What makes you a better choice for the voters than your opponent(s)? A reporter for the Post Register in Idaho Falls took my answer out of context claiming I was pandering to Mormons in southeast Idaho. That is simply not true.

The original question was posed to me from a Boise paper in western Idaho, never published on this side of the state. Here is the answer as I gave it to the Statesmen. “Each one of us brings a different background to the office. For example, let’s compare Evan Frasure age 63 to Phil McGrane age 33. We have very different backgrounds.

In my youth, I choose to serve a mission and was assigned to New Zealand. In the 1970’s New Zealand was governed by a socialist government. I came home a rock solid conservative.” I put this answer in to explain a big reason why I’m a conservative Republican. My religious beliefs do influence who I am. I then wrote “Phil on the other hand, a good Catholic, goes to work for AmeriCorps for a year."

Phil on his website points out his service in AmeriCorps.

I also compared our educational choices; Phil chose the University of Washington earning a degree in philosophy, while I graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in education. I then went on to compare our work experiences. My background includes over 30 years as a businessman during which I served 12 years in the legislature and 12 years teaching government.

Phil did spend 2 years starting in 2005 working in the clerk’s office before quitting, and then went to Colorado for the next 4 years getting a law degree. He did return in late 2010 and now works in the Ada County Clerk’s office.

Our adult lives are different in many ways as well. Phil, age 33, has 8 years as a college student and 6 years working in the Ada county clerk’s office. Our backgrounds indicate what kind of job we would do as Secretary of State. The reason I mentioned serving a mission is because it changed the direction of my life in many ways, including politically. I have a Catholic brother and one of my political heroes is Jim Risch, another Catholic. In the legislature, I worked closely with and shared a house with a Catholic Senator from northern Idaho.

Calling Phil a good Catholic is a compliment. We both choose to give back to community in different ways. The point of my answer is our life experiences do and should count. Both of us can be proud of our faiths.

Being the only candidate from eastern Idaho and not from “the Great State of Ada” is one of the reasons I’m running. Having a voice from our side of the state on the state land board is crucial and fair for eastern Idahoans.

Evan Frasure GOP candidate for Secretary of State

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