New trail in the Foothills thanks to BLM smokejumpers

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanMay 16, 2014 

This is verbatim from Ridge to Rivers off its Facebook page, but I wanted to let folks know about a new trail connection between Bob's and Highlands, and the sad-but-cool story behind the trail. Obviously losing a smokejumper is sad, but it's a really cool and fitting tribute to him.

"A big thanks to the Boise BLM Smokejumpers, who came out 50 strong today (Friday) to construct two reroutes and officially open the Urban Connection Trail. The trail is named for Boise BLM Smokejumper Mark Urban, who died last fall in a training accident. The trail will be maintained by the Boise jumpers through the Ridge to Rivers Adopt-A-Trail Program. The Urban Connection Trail is approximately 1.5 miles long - it is a short, but tough climb, with incredible views. The trail has actually been in existence for many years, but was not part of the Ridge to Rivers system. It starts from Bob's Trail at the dam, and ties in to Highlands Trail at it's southern terminus."

When you ride, think about those who build trails, as well as those who make sacrifices for others. 

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