Letter: Jonathan Medema

May 16, 2014 

Jonathan Medema deserves our vote for 4th Judicial District judge, and I hope you will join me and support him. As a criminal defense lawyer, I have often found myself on the other side of a case against Jonathan. His actions as a prosecutor have proven that he is considerate, well tempered, and fair in his dealings with opposing parties and their lawyers. In simplest terms, Jonathan is dedicated to fairness, and that dedication will benefit all of us when he is on the bench.

Jonathan's experience sets him far apart from the other candidates in the race. He knows the law and understands the workings of the court system. He has seen men and women at their best and worst as they interact with the judicial system, and I have watched him treat even the most difficult personality with respect. I would trust his judgment in any case, and I would trust him to fairly and impartially apply the law in any case, whether civil or criminal. Please cast your vote for Jonathan Medema for 4th Judicial District Judge.


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